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Occupational Therapy:

Empowering Families, Giving Hope, Changing Lives


Using innovative therapy, resources and educational programs to empower children and their families, educators and other members of our community to reach their full potential and achieve the best possible outcomes in life.

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          About The Clinic

The Silly Room is a private clinic offering occupational therapy to children aged 0-21 years. It is located in Rimforest, CA, and services children from the local mountain community in addition to children from other areas in Southern California. The Silly Room is certified as a Non-Public Agency by the California Department of Education and contracts with local schools, agencies and organizations in addition to offering private pay services.


The therapy clinic and equipment is specifically designed to emulate playful activities to the child, yet the therapist is essentially drawing upon extensive training to provide challenging therapeutic activities aimed at developing greater capabilities and skill levels. In addition to the clinic, therapy is provided in a variety of settings including the school site, home or other locations based on the child's needs. 

How The Silly Room Came About

The Silly Room was founded by occupational therapist, Mandy Krzeminski, in 2013. She envisioned a place that would provide the community with high quality therapy, research and education as it relates to developing the best possible outcome for children with special needs. Mandy has committed herself to provide families with resources, education and emotional support as they journey through the therapy process. She started out meeting with families in their homes, libraries and other community buildings and has recently established a clinic equipped to support the needs of her clients. The Silly Room’s name was derived from a small room in Mandy’s house with a low ceiling and that acted as a “secret hideaway” for her children. As she embarked on her journey to reach more children in the local community, she decided to carry the name over to her practice. The name implies a safe place where a child has the freedom “to be silly” during play and not worry about inability to perform at a certain level and/or of failing.  “Therapy” was specifically left out of the name as children with special needs are often surrounded by medical facilities and therapies. Although therapeutic, The Silly Room is a place for a child to have fun without the stigma of therapy tied to their experiences.

About Mandy

Mandy Krzeminski received her Bachelor’s Degree in BioKinesiology at Chapman University and went on to earn her Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy from Midwestern University in 2005. She is registered by the National Board of Occupational Therapy and is licensed by the California Board of Occupational Therapy. Mandy is certified in Ayers Sensory Integration Theory and the Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT). She is additionally certified in The Listening Program by Advanced Brain Technologies. Mandy worked for California Children’s Services for nearly 8 years, serving children 0-21 years old. She currently provides occupational therapy services in a private setting serving children of all ages. Mandy has also worked collaboratively with our local Mountain Special Needs Organization providing educational meetings for parents with special needs children.





What is Occupational Therapy?


Many people associate the term "occupation" with jobs adults perform and are therefore often surprised to learn that children participate in occupational therapy. In regards to therapy, the term "occupation" refers to a meaningful and purposeful activity. For children, that translates to activities such as playing, learning and socializing with friends. Occupational therapy promotes functional independence with age-appropriate development for children who are dealing with developmental delays, the effects of disease, injury, birth anomalies, or some other form of disability. Occupational therapy facilitates typical development and the promotion of age-appropriate skills. At The Silly Room, we help children to develop these necessary skills so that their transition into adulthood becomes a path to an independent and rewarding life.


The Listening Program is a tool created by Advanced Brain Technologies. While used in the therapy setting, The Listening Program has been used in a variety of settings to benefit people of all ages and abilities. It can help one to achieve the peak of academic success, recover from a brain injury, regulate the sensory system, improve attention and focus, improve communication skills, improve sleep, and manage stress and anxiety among many other benefits. The Silly Room has been implementing The Listening Program in local schools (public and private) to help students improve their academic outcomes. 

The Movement Program (TMP) is another tool offered by Advanced Brain Technologies and is made available to the general public via The Silly Room. TMP is a research-based 12 -week online program designed to improve reading and writing skills, as well as overall academic performance. The Silly Room has also brought this program to some of our local classrooms to improve academic outcomes and improve scores on state testing. 

The Listening Program and The Movement Program are great tools used to improve one's overall functional being. A diagnosis is not necessary to use these tools. However, they must be accessed through a licensed provider, such as Mandy Krzeminski, MOT, OTR/L at The Silly Room. Please email or call Mandy for more information.  

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